Over a century of ministry

In October of 1910, when thirteen people gathered in the old Sagamore school building, something new began: a church in East Fort Worth was born. At the time, the church was named Edgwood Baptist Church and was led under the pastoral leadership of T.H. Sturgis. In May of 1915, the church changed its name to Stop Six Baptist Church, due to it's proximity to the train station.

In 1920, the church purchased a property at 4400 Panola, Fort Worth, Texas, and once again changed their name, to Sagamore Hill Baptist Church. Over the next fifty-five years, the church saw continued growth in both attendance as well as building expansions, mostly under the leadership of Pastor Fred Swank. From 1933 to 1975, he took the church from 200 members to a few thousand and was instrumental in helping over 100 young men commit their lives to ministry. He spent his time loving life and people, "Calling out the called."

From the 1970s to today, Sagamore has seen many church leaders come from its youth programs and has assisted in seeing church plants thrive. We praise God for doing His work through His people. In 1993, the Women's Choice Resource Center was planted on Rand Street in Fort Worth, as a ministry of Sagamore Baptist Church. This local resource for the community continues to help women and children in the East Fort Worth area, giving them friendship, education, and the message of the gospel to help them as they grow their families. Many have come to know Christ through the ministry.

In 2005, the church to relocated and purchased a property on Dottie Lynn Parkway in Fort Worth. The church name was once more modified, dropping Hill to create the current name, Sagamore Baptist Church. The first service at the Dottie Lynn Parkway location was held on Sunday, June 22, 2008. 

Sagamore Baptist Church strives to live out the future the same way it lived out the past – answering Christ's call to reach the lost and loving people through His grace.