Childrens Regathering Guidelines


Only the following leaders are  stationed at the check-in desk area: one check-in leader, one medical professional, and the Associate Pastor  of Family Ministries. Individuals are  not allowed to congregate at the check-in area, except as needed for the check-in process. The check-in leader is the only one allowed to touch the check-in device  (iPad). We are  not using clipboards at classrooms for check-out. Instead, it is required to show child and parent badges upon entering and exiting the childrens area. Leaders will also check  attendance using their phones. Paper  attendance sheets will not be used.


One Parent

Only one parent should  enter the childrens area to drop  off and pick up their child at their childs respective classroom. The parent that enters the childrens area must have  their parent badge. Parents are  encouraged to wear  a mask while dropping off and picking up their child.


Health Screening and Temperature Checks

At check-in each  week, the medical professional will ask screening questions to parents and leaders.

A child is not allowed to enter the childrens area until  a parent answers these questions at arrival:

1.  Do you/your child have any symptoms of COVID-19? (Symptoms  list will be posted.)

2.  Have you/your child had known exposure to someone with COVID-19 in the  past 14 days? Before  entry, the medical professional will also check  the temperature of all individuals entering the Childrens  Ministry area, using a non-contact, infrared thermometer. Individuals that answer YES to screening questions or have  a fever  100.4°F or higher  will not be allowed to enter. Children  with fever/symptoms in class will be escorted to room C900 to remain until  a parent is notified & arrives.


Family/Moms Room

The family room is now located in C600 and is reserved for families with preschoolers to watch the service. Check-in, screening, and temperature checks  are  required to enter. Masks are  encouraged.


Face Masks and Shields

All childrens leaders must wear  a mask or face  shield  that covers  the mouth  and nose while within

6’ of any other individual  in the childrens area or check-in area. Older children are  allowed to wear a mask but  are  not required. Babies in the Nursery (Birth-2s) are  NOT permitted to wear  a mask.


Hand Sanitizer and Hand Washing

Hand sanitizer is located at each  class door and inside  classrooms. When adults and children (babies included) enter the room, each  individual must wash their hands  with soap  and water for at least 20 seconds. Elementary can use hand  sanitizer. Hand washing should  be used  also at the following times:

•    Before  and after eating, handling  food, feeding children, or handling  bottles

•    Before  and after administering medication or medical ointment

•    Before  and after diapering (must also wash hands  of babies)

•    After using the  toilet or helping  a child use the toilet

•    After coming in contact with bodily fluid

•    After playing outdoors or in sand

•    After handling  garbage




1. Activity Pages/Take Home Materials

We are  not sending  home  activity pages/take hommaterials at this time. Materials will be emailed

to parents on a weekly  basis.


2. Bring Bibles

Children  should  bring their own Bibles from home  and should  keep  them in their own possession.


3. Cleaning

Maintenance staff will continue, as always, to clean  and disinfect the childrens area before use. Each classroom and restroom is equipped with cleaning supplies. Solid surfaces will be wiped  down throughout the session. Toys will be removed from play area after each  childs  use until toys can be sanitized. Toys unable to be submerged in approved cleaning solution are  removed from classrooms.


4. Diaper Bags/Backpacks

Diaper bags and backpacks from home  are  NOT allowed into  classrooms at this time. Instead, classroom containers will be provided for each  childs  personal supplies. Parents will simply remove needed items from their personal bag and place in an individual container at the classroom door.


5. Eating Snacks

Prepackaged, individually  wrapped snacks may be served in nursery and preschool classrooms only. Babies-2s  will eat snacks in separate highchairs. Leaders serving  snacks must follow hand washing procedures & wear  gloves while serving food. Snacks will NOT be allowed in elementary classrooms.


6. Furniture, Toys, and Activities

Furniture and toys are  condensed to assist with disinfecting. Tables  and chairs  are  prearranged for 6’

spacing. Games  and group activities will follow social distance guidelines as best as possible.


7. Guidelines Posted

Cleaning, hand washing, and diapering signage  are  posted in classrooms and should  be followed.


8. Handling Doorknobs/Keep Doors Open

Classroom  doors will be left open  to reduce handling  doorknobs. For preschool classrooms, the top half door will remain open. Parents, if possible, should  not enter the classroom and should  simply hand  child and childs  container of personal supplies to their classroom leader through the door entry. If a leader assists a child in the restroom, the door always must remain open.


9. Individual Classroom Supplies

Individual containers of supplies for each  child are  prepared to minimize  sharing. Books and any other supplies unable to be disinfected have  been removed from the classrooms at this time.


10. Joyful  Attitudes

Opinions of certain procedures may differentiate between individuals but  following these best practices with a joyful heart will show respect, care  and concern to all families and guests  who attend. Arent you joyful that this list stops at J instead of Z?

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