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Dear Church Family:


Grace to you.


We as a Staff are doing what we believe is best for our Fellowship as we plan to regather. 

We want to keep our Sagamore Fellowship updated with the following guidelines for regathering. We as a Staff have prayed much during this time for wisdom to prevail in all the decisions that we have made over these past two months of not meeting in person. While the CDC, the State of Texas, Tarrant County, and the City of Fort Worth have given various guidelines, we believe the following will be best for our Fellowship. This is Phase 1 of Regathering our Fellowship.

Phase 1: Sagamore Baptist Church Regathering on

Sunday, June 7, 2020, 10:30am

  • There will not be 9am Bible Fellowship Classes, and choir will not rehearse nor sing on Sunday mornings until further notice.
  • Wednesday evenings and other digital group meetings will remain online for the time being. 
  • If you are not well, have a fever, cough, allergies, or lightheadedness, or if you have been diagnosed with COVID-19, suspect your exposure to COVID-19, have traveled within the last two weeks to a COVID-19 hotspot, or have an underlying medical condition that makes you at risk, we are asking you to stay at home and worship with us online at 10:25am.

When You Enter Sagamore Baptist Church for Worship Service

  • Only the two front doors (under the carport) will be open to the facility. All other doors will be locked and will only be used for emergency evacuation. Everyone entering our building must enter through the front doors only.

  • When you approach the two front doors, maintain 6 foot separation out of respect for others.

  • Hand sanitizer will be available inside the facility. However, we also ask that you bring hand sanitizer with you and you ensure that your hands have been washed and sanitized prior to entering the facility and after you leave for your safety and out of respect for others.

  • Masks are recommended. Gloves are also recommended, but if any surface is touched with the gloves, then they will need to be discarded after leaving the service in a proper receptacle.

  • There will be Staff and volunteers standing 6 feet away at the entrance to answer any questions and to point you to directions. Please do not approach them, try to embrace them or shake their hands. Respect their safety.

  • Inside the entry doors there will be tables with Worship Guides.

  • Offering plates will be in the Worship Center. Please leave your tithes and offerings in the offering plates when you enter or before you leave the Worship Center. We will not be having a time for the “traditional” passing of the offerings plates during the services, however, we will have a time of prayer asking God’s blessings on our faithfulness knowing His faithfulness to us.

  • We will not be serving any food or drinks (coffee/doughnuts) as the kitchen will be closed.

  • Seating in the Worship Center will be designated. If there is a ribbon on the seats, you are not allowed to sit in those seats. Those coming to church together may sit adjacent to each other leaving two seats between them and others. Couples, families, and friends who ride together to church in the same vehicle may sit together but must maintain 6 foot separation from any other members; this is out of respect for others.

  • We will not be providing childcare during our worship services at this time. Due to nursery and preschool classrooms being closed at this time, we are providing an optional overflow for families with babies and preschoolers in the Student Ministry Area. All families are welcome to be in the Worship Center, but families with preschoolers may choose to gather in the Student Ministry Area. Round tables with preschool worship activities will be provided, so that families can participate in the live worship service shown on the screen. Social distancing will be maintained by allowing only one family per table and by encouraging families to keep a six foot distance. Children must be accompanied by at least one parent at all times. The mom's room is unavailable for use at this time.

  • All the doors to the Worship Center will be open during the service. We ask that you simply walk in and walk out keeping a 6 foot distance from each other.

  • The foyer restrooms between the Student and Children’s areas will be available to anyone that needs to use them. We will have restroom attendants to ensure that no more than two people at a time enter the restroom. After each use, it is required for the restrooms to be sanitized for any others who need to use the restrooms. Other restrooms in the facility will not be available. Also, all water fountains will be unavailable for use before, during, and after each of the services.

At the End of the Worship Service

At the end of the service, you will be dismissed by sections. We ask that you exit the facility with those with whom you came. Please know that sanitation of the building will take place quickly after each of the services, so we ask that you exit the building completely while keeping a 6 foot social distance from each other.

  • After we sing our closing song, Pastor Philip will direct us on exiting.

  • Following each of the services, we will thoroughly wipe down all hard surfaces in our restrooms, foyer, and Worship Center.

Our Staff believes that we can regather and this will work for everyone who chooses to attend our services while respecting each other’s safety and the guidelines set by our governing bodies. Regardless of our opinions related to COVID-19, we need to follow the guidelines as set forth in this letter or face the possibility of not being able to have future in-person services. For right now, we are asking everyone to be flexible as our schedules have changed, our routines are different, and be kind to one another as not everyone has the same opinions on this crisis and the solutions. Although there will be changes to our services, our prayers are that we will do whatever is necessary to ensure the safety of everyone in our Fellowship as we regather for worship.


We love you, Church! We will continue to keep you updated in the coming weeks. We cannot wait to see you in person and to worship together on June 7, 2020, at 10:30am!


Pastors Denny, Philip, Louis, & Taylor