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As laid out in Deuteronomy 6:6-9, we believe that parents are the primary spiritual teachers for their children.  We desire to partner with you to minister to your family! 

Visit the Family Resource Area to connect with Pastor Taylor or a staff member to learn more about upcoming events or obtain resources to help you minister to your children. 

Here are the weekly times we meet to encourage your kids  + help foster spiritual growth:

SUNDAY 9AM BIBLE FELLOWSHIPS | Children and students meet in age-based classes of Nursery (0-2), PreK (3s-Kinder), 1st-3rd graders, and 4th-6th graders, Boys 7th-12th, and Girls 7th-12th, to study the Gospel through Christ-centered, chronological accounts in Scripture. As parents study the same Biblical truths each week in their group, all ages of the family can discover how God's plan of redemption unfolds throughout Scripture, compelling the whole family to join the mission of God.

SUNDAY 10:30AM FAMILY WORSHIP | Beginning in 1st Grade, children and students participate in multigenerational worship with their parents and family. We encourage children to grab a purple bag in the family resource area, filled with activity sheets that ask questions about the sermon - these bags have everything needed to help your children engage in worship! We're excited for the kids to join the church in the main worship service and sing, give, worship, and learn along with their family. After the service, bring your child with their completed packet to receive a special prize!

WEDNESDAY 6:30PM MIDWEEK FOR FAMILIES | Kids, join us for Music + Missions (1st-6th), a time to learn basic music principles, songs, hand motions and movement as well as a missionary story focus. Our Praise Pals (3s-Kinder) learn truths of Scripture through music and creative play. Nursery (0-2) is provided. We hope to help our kids learn that worship happens throughout the week as we do everything to glorify God!

Students, join us for the Student Ministry (7th-12th) at 6:30pm as we hang out with our friends, the band leads us in worship, we learn truth through Pastor Louis' preaching! We go out together for fun events, serve on mission trips, and go to camp each summer. if you have any questions, please contact Pastor Louis!

SUNDAY 4-6PM Learn more about Awana here.

children's check-in

To enter the children's area, please check-in your child at the Family Resource Area upon arrival. On the registration card, please let us know if your child has an allergy or other needs. You will receive a parent tag that matches the number to your child's name tag. Upon pickup, show the parent tag to your child's classroom teacher, who will match the numbers and release your child to you. (For any tags that are lost or have an error, please go to the Family Resource Area.)

Children and student classrooms open 15 minutes prior to scheduled services and events. Please do not leave children or students unattended at any given time. We have two adult leaders in family ministry areas and strive to maintain that standard in each classroom at all times. In the event that is not possible, the classroom doors will remain open and the room will be visible. 

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